Arthur Pink

Arthur Pink, 1885-1952, ministry began in 1925.

Brief bio on Arthur Pink.

The collected works of Arthur Pink.

I have been unable to find a more complete bio on Pink, in his writings I discern him to be a Calvinist who also avoids antinomianism (fatalism) as carefully as he avoids Arminianism by accentuating complete submission to Christ by holy living as one of the signs of a true conversion. Pink also focussed on the internal thought-life as a particular area of interest. In those respects he is much like Jonathan Edwards.

The collection of Pink's writings are a considerably easier read than Edwards' as he is more brief (but not actually brief however), and the language is more modern, and he seems to organize his thoughts particularly well in my opinion. He is also thorough in his coverage of subjects, another feature of his writings that make them particularly enjoyable reading.

His choice of topics covers the basics of Christian theology as well as the issues of his time which are quite close to our own. He covers all the basics in linear fashion over multiple writings thus making the collected sum-total of his works a logical compendium of doctrine. These things make reading Pink particularly gratifying.

I particularly liked Pink's writing on the the doctrine of election. I had thought of it as a rather obscure doctrine within the Calvinistic sphere of thinking, preferring to focus on the doctrine salvation by grace through faith. Pink's admirable exposition of the subject corrected my thinking. :-)

Phil Johnson points out that Pink has one element of Hyper-Calvinism in his writings, and I agree, if you read Pink you will gain the belief that God hates the sinner, which is a slightly off-center teaching as the Bible declares God loves the sinner and that salvation is offered to all, but only the elect can receive it. Pink is otherwise excellent in his writings.

He laments the fall of modern evangelistic efforts into presenting a feel-good Christ that bears little resemblance to the real one who expects to be Lord of your life, who expects you to deny yourself for Him, a sentiment I tend to agree with. Read his talk on "Regeneration and the New Birth" and "Studies on Saving Faith" to see what I mean.

So Pink is both a capable author and theologian, who we remember fondly in the body of Christ today.