Martin LLoyd-Jones

Martin LLoyd-Jones, 1899-1981, ministry began in 1927.

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Dr. Jones was quite prolific. His three volume set on doctines is quite illuminating:

I read his last things book first and it was particularly illuminating because he covers all the viewpoints with a particular view to the origins of their development and how they trace through history.

His opinion was that people should be acquainted with all the views because we are not completely sure which one is correct.

He of course had his own opinions which are essentially that the millenium is in full swing now, and that the return of Christ and the end of this earth are the same event. This view is generally known as amillenialism if I understand correctly, and is for example the viewpoint of the Presbyterian Church, hence you will find it in the Westminster Catechism. In amillenialism, the apocalypse and the second coming remain similar to the premillenial view, but that is the end, no 1000 year reign after than, we are considered to be ruling and reigning with Christ right now. He made a pretty good case for it, enough to establish that it is a rational viewpoint. If that viewpoint sounds dumb to you then probably you have never heard a good discussion about it which means that book is worth a read. My own opinions lean toward pre-millenial but like him I desire to understand all viewpoints and am not dogmatic about it.

The general style of Dr. Llloyd-Jones writings is to cover every well-known and even some obscure viewpoints on a subject. He then identifies the correct biblical view and clearly delineates when it is just his opinion and when he believes the Bible is clear and unambiguous.

Therefore his theological treatises are worth their weight in gold. His discussion of the atonement for example went through at least six different viewpoints, each of which he trashed, but gave them honest coverage, not just a straw-man attack, and he then attempted to show the substitutionary atonement was the correct viewpoint.

Dr. Jones was a Calvinistic Methodist by denominational affiliation. I am not familiar with that denomination, but the name seems to speak for itself rather well. Too bad all denominations aren't named that way in my opinion.

Dr Lloyd-Jones stuff is not free except through one ministry that I know of. The E4 Group was giving away a free CD with some of Dr. Lloyd-Jones stuff on it (the three books I mentioned above). On a positive note, some of his works are still available in print for those who wish to add his writings to their library.